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Release Notes

Latest changes




  • Update docs with new --help showing default values. PR #135 by @victorphoenix3.
  • Add Optional to docs for CLI Arguments and Options with a default of None. PR #131 by @rkbeatss.
  • Add valid date formats to docs. PR #122 by @IamCathal.


  • Report coverage in XML to support GitHub Actions. PR #146.
  • Update badges and remove Travis, now that GitHub Actions is the main CI. PR #145.


  • Add GitHub Actions, move from Travis. PR #144.
  • Pin dependencies. PR #138.
  • Add Dependabot. PR #136.
  • Upgrade Isort to version 5.x.x. PR #137.



  • Add support for forward references (types declared inside of strings). PR #93.


  • Add support for completion for commands/programs not available on startup.
    • This allows installing a Typer program/script in a virtual environment and still have completion globally installed.
    • PR #92.
  • Add note about typer.echo() and print() for colors in Windows. PR #89.
  • Upgrade Mkdocs-Material version, update contributing guide style. PR #90.


  • Fix completion evaluation for Bash and Zsh when the program is not installed/found. PR #83.
  • Fix completion script for Fish. PR #82.
  • Fix shell installation for Bash to ~/.bashrc and update Windows development docs. PR #81.
  • Update coverage badge. PR #78.



  • Re-implement completion system:
    • Remove optional dependency click-completion (with its sub-dependencies, like Jinja).
    • Add optional dependency shellingham to auto detect shell to install (it was used by click-completion).
    • Completion now doesn't require a third party library.
      • If shellingham is not installed/added as a dependency, --install-completion and --show-completion take a value with the name of the shell.
    • Fix support for user provided completion in CLI Parameters.
    • Fix completion for files in Bash, Zsh, and Fish.
    • Add support for modern versions of PowerShell, 5, 6, and 7 (e.g. in Windows 10).
    • Add support for pwsh (PowerShell Core).
      • PowerShell support includes help strings for commands and CLI Parameters.
    • Several bug fixes.
    • Tests for the completion logic/code.
    • Tested in all the shells in Linux and Windows.
    • PR #66.
  • Fix format in docs with highlighted lines. PR #65.
  • Add docs about Typer CLI - completion for small scripts. PR #64.
  • Add docs about Alternatives, Inspiration and Comparisons. PR #62.
  • Add Development - Contributing Guide. PR #61.


  • Add support for Click version 7.1.1. PR #60.


  • Add support for PEP 561, to allow mypy to type check applications built with Typer. PR #58.
  • Upgrade deploy docs to Netlify GitHub action. PR #57.
  • Add support for Mermaid JS for visualizations. PR #56.
  • Update CI to run docs deployment in GitHub actions. PR #50.
  • Update format for internal links. PR #38.
  • Tweak external links' format. PR #36.





  • Clean exports from Typer. Remove unneeded components from Click and add needed Exit exception. PR #11.
  • Fix and document extracting help from a function's docstring First Steps: Document your CLI app. PR #10.
  • Update references to --install-completion and --show-completion in docs. PR #9.
  • Fix testing utilities, add tests for First Steps examples. PR #8.
  • Add auto completion options by default when click-completion is installed: --install-completion and --show-completion. PR #7.
  • Update Termynal to have fixed sizes, add "fast" button, and use it in First Steps. PR #6.
  • Add custom automatic Termynal for docs. PR #5.


  • Update short descriptions and assets.
  • Docs rewording and fix typos. PR #1 by @mariacamilagl.


  • Fix group creation without name.


  • Add initial version of code, docs, etc.


  • First commit. Publish to PyPI to reserve package name.