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Multiple CLI Options

You can declare a CLI option that can be used multiple times, and then get all the values.

For example, let's say you want to accept several users in a single execution.

For this, use the standard Python typing.List to declare it as a list of str:

from typing import List, Optional

import typer

def main(user: Optional[List[str]] = typer.Option(None)):
    if not user:
        print("No provided users")
        raise typer.Abort()
    for u in user:
        print(f"Processing user: {u}")

if __name__ == "__main__":

You will receive the values as you declared them, as a list of str.

Check it:

$ python

No provided users

// Now pass a user
$ python --user Camila

Processing user: Camila

// And now try with several users
$ python --user Camila --user Rick --user Morty

Processing user: Camila
Processing user: Rick
Processing user: Morty

Multiple float

The same way, you can use other types and they will be converted by Typer to their declared type:

from typing import List

import typer

def main(number: List[float] = typer.Option([])):
    print(f"The sum is {sum(number)}")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Check it:

$ python

The sum is 0

// Try with some numbers
$ python --number 2

The sum is 2.0

// Try with some numbers
$ python --number 2 --number 3 --number 4.5

The sum is 9.5
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